Zenith | 24 x 36 | Metal Prints

Sale price$300.00
Size: 60x90 cm / 24x36″ - Horizontal

"Zenith" is a kaleidoscope of emotion, where a bold, abstract face stares back at you, inviting introspection. The eyes, central to the piece, seem to hold a world of stories in their colorful gaze. This artwork is a dialogue in color and form, its vibrant strokes and contrasting tones weaving a narrative that changes with each viewing. It's not just seen, but felt, as the figure's presence connects with the viewer.


This beautiful vibrant piece is printed on brushed aluminum, looks amazing, and will last a lifetime. Colors are highly saturated and truly pop in any space. The art is printed straight onto the aluminum Dibond panel's surface, providing a smooth glare-free matte finish. Each print comes ready to display with no framing necessary. Includes a hanging kit- style depends on the country of fulfillment.