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Meet Michael Vargas - a 2 x Emmy-nominated filmmaker and versatile artist based in Los Angeles. His artistic journey began as a teen after turning his skateboards into mobile masterpieces of paint marker and grip tape art. As time passed, he discovered a deep passion for photography, painting, filmmaking, and storytelling. Graduating from film school in the late 90s, he ventured into the world of cinema and has since worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Alongside his film career, he is constantly filling notebooks with sketches, observations, and insights that fuel his films and inspire his artwork. Michael's art is a reflection of his eclectic personality - it can be funny, beautiful, vibrant, political, but always original. His latest creative ventures include public outdoor sculptures, 3D printed products, an art making app, abstract digital art, documentary films, and a series of captivating children's books and journals to boost creativity.

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